Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus Travel Update 2021

If you’ve been scouring around places for that much-needed break with your family and loved ones, know that Mexico’s tourism is already open. Families now have the privilege to travel safely and have full access to the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas. The high standards and strong safety protocols account for the low numbers of COVID-19 cases, offering families the peace of mind to perfectly enjoy their vacation.

As you plan your travel, it is necessary to check and be up-to-date about the requirements for your trip to the mesmerizing Cabo San Lucas. International travelers are required to take another step off of the Canadian requirements and the CDC Coronavirus bulletin. To fly to Mexico, there are no travel restrictions and there is no need to present a proof of negative COVID-19 test. However, anyone traveling to Mexico is asked to diligently follow safety guidelines and best practices. The local government and business leaders are to be commended for their apt and determined actions in controlling the cases, keeping the numbers low as resorts and businesses reopen.

Cabo San Lucas is committed to providing a safe and worry-free stay for all the guests and visitors. They offer perks and benefits such as getting a COVID-19 test, helping the guests through the process, and providing resort credits to help lower costs for the entire duration of their stay. An efficient quarantine procedure is also in place in the event that a guest tests positive. A temporary on-site laboratory has also been set up at each of the 12 airports, including the airport that flies to Los Cabos, to administer testing for passengers who need to be tested.

As an added precaution, it was recently announced that Canadians, both citizens and foreigners entering the country, will now be required to present a negative PCR COVID-19 result. It shall be administered within 72 hours of the passengers’ departure flight for five years of age and older. This is in addition to the 14-day quarantine that will still be observed along with other protocols.

The United States Territory however, requires proof of a negative COVID-19 Viral (antigen or NAAT) test to be presented before boarding any flight to the United States, which applies to all passengers aged two and up. Both those staying in the US and those having a layover shall comply with this. Those who have recently recovered within the last few months could also present proof of recovery documents, like medical clearance or certification from a healthcare official.

Cabo San Lucas continues to provide utmost care to its visitors.  They have aggressively taken advancements to move forward and to keep the number of cases to a minimum, making it the  perfect destination of choice amidst the pandemic.