Eat your heart out in Vegas!

Eat your heart out in Vegas!

Las Vegas is more than the casinos and shows, you can experience cuisine from around the world and some of the craziest fun restaurants around!

Here are our Top 5 Crazy Fun Restaurants in Las Vegas:


  1. Heart Attack Grill

On the off chance that you are searching for a chance to get served and punished by your server, look no farther than the Heart Attack Grill. Made by previous wellness master Jon Basso, the Heart Attack Grill was intended to permit burger joints to devour unhealthy food with some brutally honest titles.


  1. BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

When your eye site is removed, your other senses intensify. Imagine dining with that special someone in the complete dark, BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark is a must place to try. BLACKOUT takes guests on a rush through their senses as they get escorted into a pitch-black dining room voided of all light. During your experience, you’ll feel your way through a five to seven course plant based meals. Each delicious course has been created to entice the taste buds and awaken the senses through flavors that flow from dish to dish. It’s more than just a meal… it’s a journey of the senses that will make you re-evaluate your perception of taste, smell and touch.


  1. Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s Last Resort is known for its outrageous, surly, and energetic servers who dish out awesome grub, cold booze, and heaping helpings of sarcasm. The servers are always fun, but if you’re unlucky enough, you may even catch a little live music. There's never a dull moment in this 3-ring circus which is exactly how Dick's earned its infamous reputation! The menu at Dick’s offers great barbecue and American cuisine, drawing influence from Texas. On the menu, you can expect to find a wide selection of barbecued meats, seafood, and Dick’s signature Buckets O’Grub. The messy menu items mirror the laid back and crazy atmosphere of the restaurant that boasts entertainment for all.


  1. minus5º Ice Experience

Looking for the coolest spot in Vegas to chill at? Quite literally you’ll find that at the minus5º Ice Experience. With 3 convenient locations in Vegas chilling out has never been so easy. Everything inside the ice bar is made of ice: the walls, the seats, and even the glasses that you enjoy your beverage in; they’re always creating new ice sculptures to reinvent the experience throughout the year.


  1. Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas

This is the first authentic German-Bavarian restaurant in Las Vegas. The restaurant is a replica of the world's most famous beer hall In Germany; from its hand-painted ceilings, to its food and drink. The beer is brewed in Munich under the 400- year-old purity law and shipped fresh to Las Vegas. Experience Bavarian charm, live music, and savor schnitzels, sausages, Sauerbraten and pretzels. Come see why it's Oktoberfest every day at their Haus!